Truckers protest in at least 22 states; Road blockades across Mexico

As promised, the Mexican Alliance of Carrier Organization ( Amotac ) began its demonstrations on some roads in the country and in Mexico City on the morning of Tuesday. 


Haulers members of Amotac protest outside the House of Representatives against rising fuels to say there. 

The contingent arrived at the Legislative Palace of San Lázaro aboard cargo trucks in which they hung blankets with phrases such as: “That the SCT put a stop to both abuse” and “No more excessive charges.” 

Due to the presence of the carriers in this area of ​​the Venustiano Carranza mayor’s office, the capital police recommended that the population anticipate their departure and the motorists take alternate routes.


The Secretary of Public Security of the State informed that at least 40 transport units made a partial blockade of the 45th highway south and over the junction to Los Arellano, at the exit to Zacatecas. So far, heavy road traffic is reported.


In Chihuahua, the peaceful demonstration was recorded on the Sacramento booth, on the Chihuahua – Sacramento road section; there, the transporters maintained that their protest will be indefinite or until their petition is resolved with the federal authorities. In that place, the vehicles passed without toll collection.

New Leon 

In the state of Nuevo León, the transporters began the strike with a caravan on the Monterrey-Nuevo Laredo free highway , the route is at a low speed in a lane of said road, with which they affirmed, they do not intend to affect the other motorists, They are approximately 80 units with which they went out to demonstrate .

After arriving at the federal delegation in the state, they delivered a solicitation document to request support from the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT), due to irregularities and the deficit of more than 2,400 trucks.


The workers of the truck lines were placed in partial unemployment on a lane of the Chapala highway, in the direction of Guadalajara-Chapala. So far they have not informed until what time they will withdraw from the area. 


In the state of Guanajuato, the transporters’ union did not plan to block, however, a caravan of 17 Amotec trucks is headed for the capital. These departed from Avenida del Niño to Francisco Villa Boulevard towards the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, and then headed to the FIPASI Industrial Park, the General Directorate of Traffic of León reported through its Twitter account.


In Querétaro, the presence of protesters on Highway 57, at the height of Papanoa, is recorded. 

In this area there are both material, tourism and cargo trucks who await orders from the Amotac to withdraw, demonstrate or even address protests in Mexico City : 

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We will be in lateral lanes, from the extreme right, we are waiting for an order at the national level, if an agreement is not reached with the federal authorities we will demonstrate, including Guanajuato, San Luis Potosí and part Michoacán would join the movement to go to the Chamber of Deputies. The cost we charge for both cargo and passengers, the truth does not give us enough to collect fees, apart from the insecurity on the roads ”. Gerardo Gutiérrez Luna, delegate of the Amotac.


In Veracruz, the contingent of carriers, including cargo trucks and passenger, proceeded to carry out their demonstrations in Veracruz-Cardel highway  

  • Some motorists make claims to Amotac members for blocking the road

This movement delegations joined: 

  • Orizaba 
  • Zongolica 
  • Cordova 
  • Martínez de la Torre 
  • Xalapa 
  • But 
  • Tuxpan 
  • rich pool 
  • Acayucan 
  • Minatitlan 
  • Coatzacoalcos

There is also the Amotac rally on Xalapa-Banderilla Boulevard.


Meanwhile, in Colima, the dissatisfied are concentrated in the El Naranjo Libramiento, in the municipality of Manzanillo

  • The carriers are at the edge of the road without any affectation being reported due to their mobilization


In social networks, users of Federal Highway 136, in Tlaxcala, report that carriers block some areas such as El TrébolCalpulalpan, and Y Y Griega

  • Due to the presence of freight and tourism trucks, traffic is slow from Apizaco to Tlaxcala.


Traffic on the main roads of Hidalgo shows slow traffic, as carriers travel in trailers in the direction of Mexico City via the Jorobas-Tula Highway ( Federal Highway 792 ), kilometer 15. 


Traffic is slow, due to the transfer of protesters in heavy vehicles, on the Mexico-Pyramids highway, kilometer 009, towards Mexico City

In Mexico-Querétaro, the transfer of protesters continues in support of Amotac, at kilometers 48 and 55 towards Mexico City.


In Tabascocarriers attached to Amotac meet in the municipality of Cárdenas. At the moment they are making a caravan on the Federal Highway towards the city of Villahermosa

The mobilization is generating road chaos on the highway, and carriers have not reported whether they will enter Villahermosa to protest or only block entrances and exits.


In Guerrerocarriers block lanes of both directions of the Autopista del Sol, at kilometer 006 + 800. 

  • Motorists have only one free lane to drive. 


Transporters belonging to the Amotac demonstrated on the federal highway Mérida-Campeche, at kilometer 149, as part of a national guild protest.

As promised elsewhere in the country, local Amotac partners did not affect private vehicles, and made a peaceful demonstration that lasted just over two hours.


At least 100 carriers opted for a “peaceful” mobilization and only blocked one lane of Federal Highway 15 of Nayarit, at the height of the entrance to Tepic

  • They are expected to withdraw their protest at 1:00 p.m.

San Luis Potosi

Dozens of carriers aboard various cargo units were concentrated in the capital of San Luis Potosí, this as part of the Amotac demonstrations, which includes the closure of Highway 57, which connects the center with the north of the country. 


On the occasion of the Amotac demonstrations, the main federal and state channels confirmed the presence of protesters:

  • Tuxtla Gutierrez
  • Palenque
  • San Cristóbal de las Casas
  • Tapachula
  • Villa Flores
  • Comalapa border
  • Comitan  


In the state of Campeche, the mobilizations began from 8:00 am. Amotac members concentrated in areas such as: 


Kilometer 13 + 500 of the Campeche-Merida road 


On kilometer 96 + 500 of the Campeche-Merida road 

Carmen, on the departure from Ciudad del Carmen to Aguada Island


In the city of Puebla, a group of around 30 carriers already meets in the immediate vicinity of the Central de Abasto, where at 10:00 a.m. they wait for the caravan to leave for Mexico City.

The carriers indicate that they have no planned closures to the Mexico-Puebla highway, so only slower rolling of the units will be carried out.

Coahuila and Durango

Around 50 trucks attached to the Amotac  joined the strike, and they did so through the main roads that connect the municipalities of:

  • Keep
  • Coahuila 
  • Gomez Palacio 
  • Durango

The units were stationed in front of the accesses of the offices of the Treasury and Public Credit of Torreón. The carriers began at 09:00 hours and carried blankets of different legends, calling on the federal government.

Quintana Roo

The National Highway Guard reported on a partial blockade of carriers on the Agrarian-Puerto Juarez Reforma HighwayTulum-Puerto Juarez section.

  • The time they will retire will be unknown.

Why do carriers protest? 

In a radio interview, the president of the Amotac, Rafael Ortiz Pacheco, said that they will stop the trucks on the side of the roads of 30 states of the Republic and will free a lane for motorists; this as protest about insecurity on roads and lack of response from the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) for the circulation of trailers double trailer, which qualify as irregular. 

Miguel Ángel Santiago, National Coordinator of the Amotac said that 300 thousand carriers participate in these mobilizations and do not rule out more mobilizations in the coming days, depending on the authorities’ response. 

Government of Mexico will seek dialogue with carriers

This morning, in his press conference, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said that the protesters’ requests are heeded and has instructed to hold a meeting with the security cabinet: 

I have the information on your approach of not allowing the movement of double-trailer trucks, they are being served, this would merit a legal modification. Olga Sánchez Cordero will receive them to listen to all her approaches, we will look for the solution ”.


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