Mexico & Yucatan chosen as first destination for an IGLTA pilot program to consolidate new gay destinations

The International LGBTQ+ Travel Association (IGLTA ) Queer Destinations (QD) + SECTUR (Secretary of Tourism of Mexico) has developed a pilot program and strategies to develop and consolidate new LGBTQ destinations.  Mexico was chosen above Colombia, South Africa, Thailand, and other top countries to start the program.

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According to Oriel Pamies (QD founder), México was chosen due to its infrastructure, flight connectivity and its wide range offer of products with value, the winner combination. Mexico has a real interesting in developing its full potential as an LGBTQ destination, even when Mexico is not new to this market, just check out the well-consolidated international gay destinations like Vallarta, Mexico City, Guadalajara or even Riviera Maya.

Federal Tourism Secretary (SECTUR) Miguel Torruco did an approach to IGLTA to develop strategies to strengthen and expand the LGTBT destinations in Mexico. The goal is in line with this government administration’s public agenda to attend minorities such as 50+, LGBTQ, indigenous and disabled people, and then increasing the quality (but not necessarily the quantity) flow of tourists.

Miguel Torruco, Federal Tourism Secretary and Oriol Pamies, General Director of Queer Destinations.

Oriel quoted the 2018´s number of total LGBTQ tourists worldwide as big as 180 million, while Mexico is only receiving 2.9 million, remarking in all the potential customers a destination can aim for.

The purpose of the program is to help the tourism industry to offer experiences and services with outstanding qualities and implementing policies and processes for diversity and respect. The first phase of the program includes training and certification for the private industry.

MGT Mérida Gay Tours was present on the first encounter between Queer Destinations and tourism private industry of Yucatán.

The first destination within Mexico to run the program is Yucatan, which was chosen by  Miguel Torruco himself due to its enormous potential. But Yucatan did not start from cero, even before Mexico was chosen by the IGLTA, Yucatan Tourism Secretary (SEFOTUR) had approaching Queer Destinations looking for a collaboration to place Yucatan in the gay eye.

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Queer Destinations with the help of SEFOTUR are coordinating the program registrations. The invitation is open to the entire private tourism industry looking to deliver added value to their experiences and services targeting the LGBTQ segment. The investment for the certification of each company ranges between $ 9,565 – $ 70,000 Mexican pesos depending on the number of employees. It’s important to say the certification is backed by SECTUR Federal, and includes a 2-year membership of the IGLTA, with all the benefits of this big network.

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