Mazatlan builds confidence with investors

They recognize that the mayor provides the facilities, in his first year there is progress, but he must still correct others in the rest of the government, businessmen say

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The uptake of 70 percent of the investments in Sinaloa, are only in Mazatlan, and that is reflected in the construction of new tourist complexes, whose sum is 16 billion pesos, which it is a clear reflection of the confidence of the businessmen towards the destiny and the opening of the municipality, emphasized Guillermo Romero Rodríguez.

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Camino al Mar

The president of the Commission of Hotels and Motels of Concanaco Servytur Mexico, stressed that in the last year the beach destination has captured significant investments, and that is due to the fact that this municipal administration headed by Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres provides facilities to investors, situation which marks a lot, unlike other areas of the country.

“Right now there are fourteen hotels under construction, to tell you about 3,000 rooms are being made, official data of more than 16 billion pesos in private investment this year, it is really surprising, condominium towers, subdivisions.”

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El Cid Country Club

Romero Rodríguez said that this administration has also been inclusive with disabled people, who now have special parks, in addition to managing spaces for them to work, and in the case of security, at least the council generated trust and provided the opening not just to propose, but to work with clear actions.

“Well, he has not given freedom to work, a freedom to propose, to work in preventive programs, there is the panic button that was given, so this is always looking for technology, which I just mentioned a moment ago , the subject is denounced to the municipal authority ”.

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Las Gavias Grand

He acknowledged that at least results are seen in favor of Mazatlan, in the first year of the administration of Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, who has done the job, although there are still many things to do in several areas, and that will have to be seen specifically in the Two years left

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