Marijuana will be legalized in Mexico before Day of the Dead

Fast forward after the Culiacán case. The ruling party has the decriminalization of marijuana ready for playful use in the upper house this month. Mexican senators already have a key date for the future of this plant in Mexico: October 31. With its legislative majority, Morena points to rapid legalization. 

Behind this initiative is Mario Delgado. The morenista not only proposes the medical and recreational legalization of the plant, but he has also created a whole plan for the Mexican government to be responsible for harvesting and selling marijuana throughout the country and abroad. Morena’s strategy is to create Cannsalud, a parastatal company to control everything related to the plant. 

This Tuesday, October 29 will begin to discuss the issue in the senators chamber and will be on October 31 when it is intended to endorse the initiative. With this, the first leftist government in Mexico is ready to decriminalize a plant that has generated economic and territorial power to drug trafficking. This happens just under two weeks of the chaos that the Sinaloa cartel generated to free its leader. 

The vision of Olga Sánchez

The Morena government has been completely open to the issue, but President López Obrador has refused to speak publicly about the plant. Even so, his party (especially Secretary Olga Sánchez Cordero ) has accelerated the process to legalize a plant that has generated fortunes for organized crime. Behind legalization is, clearly, the issue of tax collection. 

With this legalization in process, Mexico would access a market of 1,700 million dollars annually. In the United States, Canada, and several European countries, the plant has not only generated advances in cannabis-based medical treatments or projects for massive plant crops, but they have also entered billions into government coffers. Mexico wants to be part of the profits of this green industry. 


The Mazatlan Post