Mexico, a risk for Latin American aviation

The Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association reported that decisions to cancel the construction of a new airport are of concern and can affect the growth of Latin America.

The decisions in Mexico to cancel the construction of an airport and the fact that it will not work to connect the Santa Lucia terminal with the International Airport of Mexico City (AICM), worry and can affect the growth of Latin America, said the Latin American Association and the Caribbean Air Transport (ALTA).

During its annual meeting, the executive director of ALTA, Luis Felipe de Oliveira, commented that the country is the second-largest market in the region so that any negative effect that occurs has an impact.

“Concerns, Mexico is the second most important country in the number of passengers in the area and can affect the entire region of the decisions taken,” said the director.

Oliveira said that connecting the Santa Lucia airport with the AICM will not work, because the passenger will lose a lot of time in what leaves one terminal to be transported to the other, due to the question of passing the migration filters, taking the luggage and the time travel.

The ALTA live said that in this way Mexico loses connectivity since users will prefer to take a flight in the United States to go to a city in the interior of the country, such as Guadalajara than to do it in Santa Lucia.

Source: milenio

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