Mexican start-up seek to be pioneers in the use of medical cannabis in Mexico

Canncura Pharma works in the research and development of technology to provide the necessary and adequate information to patients who require this alternative treatment

Canncura Pharma, a Mexican startup specializing in medical cannabis, is waiting for the regulatory framework to legally operate with a unique concept of monitored treatment, specialized with research and technology support for patients who require this alternative.

With the reform to the Health Law, which allows the use of cannabis and its derivatives for medical purposes, there was an important advance in legalization. Hugo Álvarez, a consulting partner of the startup with a parent company in Guadalajara, explained that the members of this nascent cannabis cultivation, treatment, and marketing industry expect the regulatory framework to be very broad to facilitate the legalization and regulation of what follows for now illegal.

“What we are doing is having all possible departures ready so that at the moment they give us the flag we can adapt to how the regulation comes and be able to provide these treatments that in the end is the main objective of Canncura is to be able to treat in a professional way the patients who really want to have a result, ”he explained.

The Mexican startup has already nine months of gestation and research startup, however it is a project that was born more than three years ago with the main idea of ​​being an alternative for health, with all the necessary information to eliminate taboos about marijuana and its use, as well as neglecting the black and informal market uninformed.

“He started by wanting to help people and bring him a quality product, today there is a gigantic informal market and this informal market has many consequences, one of them being not knowing what type of product you are consuming or containing, there is People who use this in a therapeutic way for years, our proposal is to give them a safe place, a space where they can have these products that they already use but in a safe and professional way, ”said Raúl Castañeda, CEO of Canncura Pharma.

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Although they point out that it is a risky project, they say they are committed to the research and the great alternative of health that they can offer once the regularization is finished.

“It is an adventure, it is something we have been working on, here in Mexico we decide on the type of supply that exists, make outlets with an annex for a doctor with a doctor’s office so that you can be treated in a professional manner in all this type of treatments. We decided to do it at this time because we believe that it is time, we believe that the regulation is going because it is going and we believe that it is an excellent opportunity to have a structure to be ready for the moment that the legislation does not allow it to start marketing, ”said the director.

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Canncura Pharma is based on points of sale, such as your doctor’s office; Research and technology development. “At the points of sale we are very focused on bringing you a customer experience that feels safe that all this marijuana is stigmatized; on the other hand we want to focus on research, because this will not work if nobody starts to investigate, we need a lot, we talk about genetics all our bodies are different, for these medical protocols we plan to implement studies to know what treatment works and on the other hand finding a dosage that is not the dosage this second vertical that is research is our spearhead and is what we are most proud of.

“The third vertical we have the development of technology, we have developed all our systems from scratch which means that our point of sale was developed by us, we have an application of doctors and one of patients and the purpose of this application is the monitoring of treatment in this application together with our clinical studies that we are going to do we are going to buy everything anecdotal that the application gives us and show is what you are consuming how much you are consuming so that you are consuming it where you are buying what type of disease you have, everything to generate a dosage threshold per genotype. It is something that does not yet exist in the world, it is something that we are trying to promote and it is the added value that we are wanting to give our company, ”he explained.

Finally, they pointed out that their project aims to be a pioneer in medical cannabis with innovation and technology, as well as an alternative to improve the quality of life. “Maybe I know someone or you can meet someone, who could try these products and improve their quality of life, we all know someone and we really talk about new alternatives, is to invite people to try carefully can be your solution Or maybe it doesn’t work for you, but the joke is to start trying new things.

“It is a good option and we want to be there to give them in the best way and with the most information, we still cannot import the law does not allow everything that exists, exists illegally and you have to be careful with this type of products. We at the moment that can be marketed will be ready all of the highest quality. ”

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