The Malecon of La Paz was inaugurated with an announcement it would be expanded

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS ). This Friday, October 25, the inauguration of the rehabilitation works were carried out on the Malecon in La Paz, which required an investment of 183.8 million pesos in its 2 stages, said the governor of Baja California Sur, Carlos Mendoza Davis

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During the ceremony, an Obelisk was also delivered with which he paid tribute to the memory of the sailors fallen in their duty, “we remember those heroes, often anonymous, who collaborated in one of the oldest, most solid and greater prestige in the country, such as the Secretariat of the Navy-Navy of Mexico, ”he said. 

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Similarly, Mendoza Davis announced that it began with the bidding process for a work that will continue the work of the new boardwalk in La Paz , which covers 2 kilometers (km). 

“We will remodel the scenic coastal walker that starts from the BMX park to the La Concha hotel , we will rebuild just over 2 kilometers of sidewalks with the same finish as the boardwalk; We will also install a new lighting system, as well as areas with gardens, ”he said. 

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This walker will have 2 viewpoints that will serve as a rest area, with covered areas and new furniture; This work will have an investment of 35 million pesos and will be inaugurated in March 2020. 

Resultado de imagen para nuevo malecon de la paz

The work on the boardwalk included Manuel Márquez de León street to El Molinito, which were carried out in 2 phases, covering an area of ​​42,211 square meters. 

32,448 square meters of sidewalks were rebuilt, equivalent to paving 8 football stadiums and 9,379 linear meters of garrisons. 3,211 linear meters of podotactile guide were also installed to support people with visual disabilities, the number of access ramps was expanded to 1,117 meters. 

They placed 187 benches, between single and double; 89 double trash bins, 38 bicycles, playgrounds and exercise equipment, 790 bollards and 441 double LED luminaires were installed. 

Finally, Mendoza Davis enabled 3,862 meters of bicycle lanes, duly delimited and with signage, which comprises from Márquez de León street to BMX park on the La Paz coastal boardwalk. 

“The remodeling of the Coastal Malecon of La Paz is undoubtedly one of the largest projects of the present state administration, a public space that for decades has been the main meeting point for local families and visitors, and our door to the world” he concluded.

Source: bcsnoticias

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