Daylight Savings Time official ends in Mexico

On October 27, Daylight Savings Time in the Mexican Republic ended, except for the 33 municipalities of the northern border strip, Sonora and Quintana Roo

This Sunday, at 02:00 hours, concluded the Daylight Savings Time 2019 in most of the country, so it was recommended that the population delay the clock one hour before bedtime, the night of Saturday 26, in order to start Winter Time activities the next day.

The Ministry of Energy (Sener) recalled that, in compliance with the constitutional mandate, this October 27 ended the Daylight Saving Time in the Mexican Republic, with the exception of the 33 municipalities of the northern border strip, Sonora and Quintana Roo.

It should be remembered that the Winter Schedule has a duration of five months and will conclude the first weekend of April 2020.

Daylight Saving Time has been applied in Mexico since 1996. It starts on the first Sunday of April and concludes on the last of October, a period in which there is more sunshine in the country.

Therefore, advancing the clock one hour – as was done from April 7 and concluded today – reduces daily energy consumption during this period of maximum electricity demand.

In the localities that have a border with the United States, the time change will be a week later, that is, on Sunday, November 3.

It is important to mention that, for tourist and economic reasons, Sonora and Quintana Roo, do not participate in the schedule changes made in summer and winter.

In the case of the north zone, the differentiated treatment is due to the purpose of facilitating the daily life of the residents who cross the border for work or school reasons, by homologizing the schedule with the US region, while for the tourist entity the decision is It took to take advantage of the natural light of the Caribbean and that visitors have an hour more.

The day before, on his Facebook account, Governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid reminded the citizens of Baja California that, unlike the rest of the country, in that state, it will be until next Sunday when Summer Time ends, so the clocks would not have to be delayed one hour on Saturday before bedtime.

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