Concordia Sinaloa could be an important coffee supplier

If conditions exist, coffee and furniture manufacturing could be the pillars of the Concordia economy, says Codesin

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Sinaloa Economic Development Council, Codesin, in the southern zone has launched a project that promises to detonate the economy of the municipality of Concordia and benefit dozens of families.

It involves the production of coffee through a cluster.

Alfredo Ruelas Solís, president of this organization, mentioned that Codesin contributed to the development and start-up of the project, as well as the training to start working on it and that it is now up to the municipal authorities and the Ministry of Agriculture to join forces so that the production of these grains is potentialized.

The businessman stressed that the conditions of Concordia are favorable for this industry and that, if things go well, this activity could be as important for the inhabitants of this municipality as the furniture industry itself.

“There is a potential for coffee development, it is a good microclimate there in that area and we also come to make direct support to economic activity; This comes to support, that is the intention: to support economic development, there are many families that can live from this activity. ”

“If we manage to make the synergy of the production of this type of coffee with the tourist growth of Mazatlan and the love for drinking coffee that is being given worldwide, they could be suppliers of Mazatlan and for tourism,” he said.

Ruelas Solís stressed that with these new opportunities Concordia could increase its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and have a considerable generation of jobs.

In turn, he acknowledged that the furniture cluster that was formed in this municipality has shown growth and that mining and tourism will also be an incentive for the local economy.

“The furniture cluster of Concordia is growing very well and hopefully this is repeated with the issue of coffee,” he said.

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