‘Mega Tope’ does not help, hinders and causes accidents claim Mazatlan citizens

MAZATLAN SINALOA.- Inhabitants of the Real del Valle subdivision and the Seminary Treasury call on the municipal authorities, specifically the Municipal Transit Directorate, to regulate the installation of stops and / or speed bumps, as they woke up two weeks ago with a “mega tope” at the intersection of Hacienda del Seminario Avenue and Paseo del Atlántico.

This “wall.” as they describe it, the only thing that causes is damage to the body of low vehicles, such as cars, so the inhabitants of the area think that it would be better if they placed a traffic light to control the vehicular and pedestrian crossing, because there are A shopping plaza and restaurants.

Such actions, so that drivers of all types of motor vehicles reduce speed, are replicated throughout the city, and although the municipal authority has repeatedly said that they are not allowed, they continue to appear on avenues and streets

On this “top-bard” in particular, some neighbors, both from Hacienda del Seminario and Real del Valle, expressed their opinions against it.

“It’s a top that is completely dysfunctional and disproportionate, it’s too tall and wide,” said Rosario Martinez, a housewife.

“The only thing that causes it is insecurity when crossing it, the low cars stick in it,” said Manuel López, an employee of the commercial plaza.

Another of the inhabitants, Alberto Rodríguez, said he was in need of changing the route and now he must leave his house earlier, all to avoid this malformation in the street, which should not have that obstacle.

“You can’t cross sideways, much less straight ahead. It does not have any function or pedestrian use, since when you cross from the park to the Oxxo you arrive in front of an advertisement at the foot of the sidewalk, breaking the continuity, ”said another person.

They added that wherever it is seen it is badly done, because of it several accidents have occurred in the short time it has been used, which supposedly was intended to be avoided.

The citizens trust that the municipal authorities demolish it and look for a better alternative.

Source: pmxportal

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