Durango Legends

The musician who played for the Devil

The following legend can be considered as a horror story in Durango. Before starting with the chronicle, we must make it clear that the figure of Professor Arturo Lugo will be of the utmost importance, as this man was the very famous conductor of a duranguense orchestra at the dawn of the twentieth century.

His group had won a contest where he was awarded the best musical organization in the north of the country. In that competition, orchestras from Sinaloa, Coahuila, Chihuahua and of course Durango participated.

The award made the teacher literally “lose the floor” and start charging much more than their competitors to liven up events. Even so, the clients were never lacking, despite their constant movements and desaires.

In addition to the above, we must not mention that Lugo was unable to appear in a ranchería, because he assumed that these places were not worthy of their grouping.

Nor did he go to public places with large crowds, unless the governor guaranteed him a large sum of money. One winter night they knocked on Don Arturo’s door.

It was 12 o’clock in the morning, so the man thought it was a serious matter and therefore quickly left the bed to attend.

When he opened the door he realized that the subject he was touching was an outsider of great stature, dressed in a very elegant way with black clothes. He entered and immediately removed his cloak and hat.

Immediately with a penetrating look, he told the conductor:

– I’ve been told that your orchestra is the best. That is why I want to hire them to come to my house. In this paper you will find the date and address of the event and in the sack you will find your payment.

After uttering that, the individual turned and left without Lugo being able to tell him anything. Shortly after, the professor recalled some of Durango’s myths and legends that talked about a man who appeared at night in order to take the souls of sinners to hell.

However, he believed that what had happened had been a mere coincidence. He opened the sack and it was full of gold coins.

When the agreed day arrived, the professor quoted his musicians outside his home and led them to the address. Some say that the orchestra had to cross half the city, although others say that it only had to pass a small bridge to get to the street where “El Caserón” was located.

They entered the house and were received by the host who told them:

– Let me introduce myself. My name is Satan, although the people around here know me as the devil.

Immediately, Arturo turned around and saw that all the guests were strange creatures. For example, a young man was missing his arms, while a lady had two heads.

Both he and his musicians, no longer required any explanation. They knew they had reached hell itself.

The Nun of the Cathedral

Legend has it that in the 50s and during the French intervention in Mexico, a nun named “Beatriz”, who lived in a small convent on the outskirts of the state of Durango, fell in love with a French soldier, whose military barracks was nearby from that place.

Every day, at the same time, the young soldier was in the company of his troops on the main avenue in front of the convent and Beatriz always saw him from a window in his bedroom.

One day, the soldier named “Fernando” arrives at the doors of the convent asking the nun for help because the Mexican army had ambushed them and was wounded in the exchange of gunfire. At that moment and seeing the desperate situation of the French fighter, Beatriz decides to give him asylum for a couple of days while recovering his state of health.

As the days went by, Beatriz and Fernando fell in love with each other. Shortly after, the soldier had to retire, since it was the end of the consummation of the French intervention, but not before saying goodbye sadly to his beloved, who promised to return one day. While his troop sought a place to hide, the Mexican army found its soldiers and shot all the soldiers, including Fernando.

Beatriz didn’t know what had happened to her crush because she had been months since her departure. At no time did she lose hope and every day she went to the bell tower of the town’s cathedral to wait for Fernando’s return.

Unfortunately, something tragic happened, one morning while the priest opened the main door of the religious temple, he noticed the body of a woman who lay lifeless, apparently had fallen from the bell tower from a height of more than 30 meters. Days later, the identity of the victim, Beatriz, was discovered, who surely expected the return of her lover as usual.

From that tragic event, some inhabitants who walk around the cathedral of Durango, claim to see every night the silhouette of a woman in the bell tower, will it be the late Beatriz who still implores the arrival of her beloved ?.

The Cell of Death

The legend says that at the end of the 19th century the “Death Cell” existed in the old prison of Durango, named because the unfortunate who got there, woke up mysteriously dead … Without broken bones, wounds, or any sign that indicated what it was the cause…

Until one day Juan, a good and brave man, arrived at the jail, who was accused by the owner of the farm where he worked to get him out of his way and take his girlfriend away, locking him in the Durango jail.

For being so accommodated and generous, Juan won all in that place, from prisoners to wardens. Even the director of the prison had affection for that when they gave him the order for Juan to die “by accident” at the request of the landowner, he decided to give him a chance by offering to spend a night in the cell and discover what was happening in it. In return, if he survived the night he would be free.

With much fear, Juan accepted. If he died his days would end locked up and if he lived, he would return to the side of his beloved girlfriend. He only asked for two things to spend the night. Six candles and a bank.

So the hours passed until he realized that he had miscalculated the duration of the candles and the last one was about to end, so he decided to turn it off at times and get on the bank. In the dark, he felt a presence and when he lit the candle he saw a gigantic scorpion that ran to hide from the light.

The mystery was solved, but when the candle went out the scorpion would kill him.

He extinguished the candle again, I wait a few minutes and lit it again … the scorpion was raising the bench and the light ran again. Juan took his hat and dropped down calculating the catch but at that moment the light went out.

Thus he remained, motionless and scared to death. Praying waiting to have caught him. He was in the second consecutive rosary when the cell opened. It was dawn and to the director’s joy, Juan was alive. Juan showed his hat with the huge scorpion and that was how the cell was, never again was the cell of death.

Juan was released and returned to marry Lupe, his girlfriend who always waited for him.

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