Visit Mexico portal in limbo since AMLO cut tourism budget

Although the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) relaunched the Visit Mexico portal since the end of August, some of the main destinations in the country still do not know what the scheme to promote through that platform will be.

“We see the page with great concern because for a long time Visit Mexico had been the tool for all states to place their offers and that through that, the Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico could generate better business and influx, but now not all states can cover the price of advertising by that means, ”said Marisol Vanegas, secretary of tourism for Quintana Roo.

He explained that the states have not received the official information in writing and have only been notified that each of them would have to pay a minimum cost of 15 million pesos to be able to advertise on said platform.

“We have our own page that comes out in December so we would not be included, but it seems a bit excessive for the rest of the states. I think they will have to look for other formulas so that states can participate without it being as burdensome as it happens with attending international fairs, they will have to adjust to reality.

In the case of fairs, we will go to London on our own to be able to bring as many entrepreneurs as possible, because it represents greater benefits if we go as the Mexican Caribbean, but it is not the same case as for the rest of the states. ”

Vanegas said that the first approach with Visit Mexico has been to know the amount, but they expect a formal proposal to know what that investment would correspond to and that it would be received in return.


In August, the Federal Tourism Secretariat relaunched the Visit Mexico portal so that destinations are promoted on that platform with their own resources.

On the subject, Luis Humberto Araiza, secretary of tourism of Baja California Sur, commented that the organization of Visit Mexico does not yet have a well-established scheme on costs, so there is no total clarity.

“We had an informal meeting with the directors of Visit Mexico but they still do not have a fully established scheme but once it is known, and if this is attractive and financially viable for us, we would enter to strengthen tourism.”

While Michelle Fridman, secretary of tourism of Yucatan, agreed that the states have not had more information to analyze the proposal to promote themselves through the said platform.

“We do not have all the complete information, we do not know how many people are visiting the page now, or what numbers they have, we will have to see the impacts to see if it works, because our budget has cuts and we have to be very efficient regarding where we invest money” .

According to the secretariat of tourism, the page is now chaired by Marcos Achar and will be self-financing under a direct investment scheme of the private initiative.

Miguel Ángel Cantú González, director of the Corporation for Tourism Development of Nuevo León, said that at the moment the state is analyzing how to promote itself in the world through various platforms. As well as the approach with Visit Mexico has been informal.

Questioned on the issue, Miguel Torruco, head of the tourism secretariat, said that work is being done so that destinations have the information. “In five months the new format will be released.”


  • Visit Mexico will have a site for each state in the country, which will contain information on tourist attractions and destinations.
  • The platform will offer travelers updated information on the destinations of interest.
  • Travelers can make payments and reservations electronically quickly and safely.
  • The page will contain exclusive and royalty-free content such as interviews, reports or television programs produced by international experts.
  • There will be access to business intelligence information on the consumption habits of tourists in order to focus their promotion, according to the profile of their visitors

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