They will promote Mazatlan and the Aquarium, in Durango tourism magazine

Mazatlan Sinaloa.- The image of Mazatlan Aquarium and the port itself will be present in more than 50 thousand homes, in the coming days, thanks to the dissemination of the tourist magazine Soy Durango, which in a few weeks will have a section as Soy Mazatlan.

The collaborators of the printed and digital media attended to gather information about what happened during the 36th Congress of the Association of Zoos, Hatcheries and Aquariums of the Mexican Republic, which was first held in the port.

Resultado de imagen para Soy Durango

Sol Olivas, from the Alcance agency, said the magazine’s circulation is 50 thousand copies, so a positive impact on the destination is expected.

“The importance of all this is to spread messages of importance so that people know what is done behind the scenes at the events (…) In November we will be starting Soy Mazatlan. (the agency) is responsible for creating these magazines that help disseminate entertainment, social and cultural information to take it to all regions that we can enter and make a dumbbell, ”he said.

The biologist Pablo Rojas Zepeda, director of Mazatlan Aquarium, highlighted the presence and dissemination of the exposure during the event, which was fully supported by the Government of Mazatlan.

“It is very important that they come to cover the event because that is what this congress is about, to spread what we are doing, the entities in charge of animal welfare (…). The impact it can have is very great, both for the association of AZCARM and Mazatlan, which today we are headquarters, ”he said.

Source: pmxportal, soy durango

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