What is “CODI” in Mexico and why is it important

This new payment and collection scheme promises to revolutionize the world of finance in our country.

The way of buying in the world advances every day by a wave of changes, from digital giants such as Facebook, Apple, and Amazon, which with one click allow us to access different products, but what would you think of being able to pay with your cell phone in the corner shop a soda or anything you want and without carrying a single weight on top of our credit or debit card?

Well, this is already possible. In other countries such as China it has been done for many years through the technology of quick response code (QR), which is a scan frame that many already occupy, for example, to rent the devil’s skates that circulate every day in the Mexico City or in museums where a QR box is scanned, which must be pasted in a visible place to obtain more information about what we are observing.

The CoDi (Digital Collection platform) will make use of the Interbank Electronic Payment System (SPEI), which is already applied and allows you to make it! in a matter of second electronic payments through the internet or mobile banking.

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This platform can make money transfers immediately 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and will be open to any user who wants it.

The CoDi works through the application (app) of your bank and the camera of your cell phone, with scanning technologies of QR codes and NFC approach

The Bank of Mexico launched Digital Collection (CoDi), a new payment and collection scheme that promises to revolutionize the world of finance in our country. You must know it and take advantage of the advantages that using it will give you.

Commissions for use: Performing operations with CoDi is free. No commissions are charged for its use.

Shops where operations with CoDi can be carried out: Stores that receive payments through CoDi have a badge outside the establishment with the image of a mobile phone that includes the logo and the phrase “Scan and pay from your cell phone”.

Cellular devices that accept operations with CoDi: Everyone who operates instant messaging applications (such as WhatsApp) will also work to make use of the CoDi.

What application to download: CoDi functionality will be included in the mobile banking service or in the mobile application provided by your financial institution.

If there is a mistake in the transaction, does the money return? Sellers can return the amount of a purchase with the same policy as with any other means of payment.

And unrecognized purchases ?: In these cases, clarification can be made with the institution that maintains your account through the Specialized User Service Unit (UNE), as is the case with any other transfer. 

Source: El Economista Bank of Mexico, Condusef and www.codi.org.mx

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