Mazatlan remodeling of Rafael Buelna Ave completed in November

The second tender will be launched next week by the State Government for the concrete structure

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The Director of Municipal Public Works, Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez, reported that the remodeling of Rafael Buelna Avenue is planned for the end of November.

The first stage of the beautification project has already begun, with the rehabilitation of water and drainage lines.

“(The) tentative start date we are talking at the end of November; you already know that the part of replacing drinking water and drainage is going to be done by the Municipal Board of Drinking Water, while the other part that is the Government superstructure of the State, and they are going to start their bidding next week, and it will take around 25 days to have an opinion to know who the contractor is, “he said.

He mentioned that in the next few days the areas of logistics for the closure of the avenue will meet, in order to have a proposal and give it to the residents of the area, shops, urban public transport and citizenship in general.

“(We’re going to) see all the angles of the problem and decide how the construction is going to be addressed,” he said.

The first phase will be executed with 38 million pesos by Jumapam; It is known so far how the work will begin in the 3 kilometers corresponding to the avenue.

Source: reaccion informatovi

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