Will the United States begin a search for Ovidio Guzman in Mexico?

This is how AMLO responded about whether the Trump administration will go after Ovid, the son of “El Chapo” Guzmán

Regarding that, if he has received the request from the United States to begin the search for Ovidio Guzmán López, the son of “El Chapo” Guzmán, in our country, Andrés Manuel López Obrador was emphatic and said that as he respects the sovereignty of other countries, expects the same for Mexico.

He said the requests are given when there is an extradition order, and there will be cooperation, but taking care that national sovereignty is respected.

“If there is always a request for extradition and there are some who have orders that the United States requests to be extradited, but I clarify that we are a sovereign government, we are not guided by the policies imposed by other governments, we act with freedom …”

“Yes, there is cooperation, of course, because on this issue, as in others, migration, drug smuggling exists, but we are not a colony of any foreign government, we act independently and freely,” said the President of Mexico.

He insisted that he has always asked for respect for the sovereignty of Mexico, as he has given it to other nations, and to that extent he hopes to be treated.

“I have asked for respect for our sovereignty in these cases and in others, for example when we make decisions not to intervene in cases of other countries and even if they have another policy, they respect what we decide independently and we must be respectful of the sovereignty of States United and other nations, ”he concluded.

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