Severe weather for Sinaloa forecasts by SMN

The National Meteorological Service indicates it expects showers for Sinaloa

OCTOBER 23, 2019

Mexico.- In its most recent severe weather warning, the National Meteorological System –SMN- forecasts at least three hours of severe weather for six states of the country, with heavy rains that could be accompanied by electric shocks, wind gusts greater than 40 km / h

In the next three hours, heavy point rains are forecast in:

  • 1. Michoacán (center and south)
  • 2. Guerrero (west)
  • 3. Veracruz (north and south)
  • 4. Campeche (southeast)
  • 5. Yucatan (east)
  • 6. Quintana Roo (south, north, center, and northeast)

For the state of Sinaloa, intervals of showers are forecast especially in the southern zone due to the interaction of several systems, including the cold front 6 and the cold front entrance 4

Other areas with intervals of showers are:

  • 1. Durango (southwest)
  • 2. Veracruz (center)
  • 3. Oaxaca (northeast)
  • 4. Tabasco (northwest and north)
  • 5. Campeche (south), Chiapas (south)
  • 6. Yucatan (north).

Source: conagua

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