El Ejido SAYULITA, Nayarit, becomes a Real Estate Developer

After in San Pancho having “privatized” a rural winery to make a super SORIANA…, 

El Ejido now wants to “privatize” the SAYULITA Baseball Sports Field, to build condominiums.

After Salinas (betraying the ideas of Emiliano Zapata and Lázaro Cárdenas) and according to Art. 75 of the Agrarian Law, it is possible to transfer ownership of common land to commercial or civil societies, as long as the ejido or the ejidatarios. 

Another thing is to want to convert an important part of urban equipment into CONDOMINIUMS, which for years has provided the population of the community of SAYULITA with an important social, cultural and recreational welfare service.  

It seems schizophrenic that SEDATU will invest about 90 million pesos in the colony of La Unidad in Bucerías, also for the rehabilitation and equipment of sports facilities, while at the same time in SAYULITA the Ejido wants to convert the Baseball Field into CONDOMINIUMS.
In SAYULITA, it is still the Ejido that rules on urban and community development issues (1).

The Municipal Government shines for its absence.
What is the use of “internal government” ?: Two NGOs: “Ser su Voz” and “Unidos por Sayulita”, a Committee of Magical Peoples, “PRO Sayulita”: a business committee, disguised as an NGO, a Municipal Delegate,   a Citizen Action Committee, three State Deputies, two Federal Deputies, two Senators (2) (3) (4).
The Municipal Government shines for its absence. He is very worried in the               municipal seat with the possibility that the SCJN (Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation) disqualify the President, Trustee, Secretary and Treasurer  for contempt of judicial notices   of federal courts …. for demands of a   company in breach of a contract for the construction and rental of the so-called “Cardboard Presidency” . 
He is also very busy with the SEDATU (Ministry of Agrarian Development,  Territorial and Urban) of Meyer-Falcón and in constant interaction with the Government of Puerto Vallarta, to ensure the arrival of federal funds, … in the latter case to be able to “conurbize” Banderas Bay with the neighboring destination, Puerto Vallarta, …. Another madness. (5).        
It seems schizophrenic that SEDATU will invest about 90 million pesos in the colony of La Unidad in Bucerías, also for the rehabilitation and equipment of sports facilities, while at SAYULITA the Ejido wants to convert the Baseball Field into CONDOMINIUMS (6) .

(1) Don Eduardo Rodríguez Plasencia, the Commissioner of SAYULITA, brings the projects in a big way. His idea is to turn his fellow producers into entrepreneurs and take advantage of the enormous natural and tourist potential of the region. The ejido covers from Lo de Marcos, through San Francisco, Higuera Blanca and SAYULITA. Currently, this agricultural nucleus has companies such as a gas station with its commercial plaza, including an ejido OXXO, restaurant and it is proposed to build a hotel in the short term. The president of the ejido of SAYULITA, Eduardo Rodríguez Plasencia, better known as “Lalo Plasencia” in an interview with Parra Covarrubias, a treasure of the ejido: https://certezapolitica.com/sayulita-pueblomagico-su-ejido-y-el-turismo -of-hand /

(2) BE YOUR VOICE Sayulita: https://sersuvozsayulita.com/?fbclid=IwAR2kHlLeW6prpadDXZBcUIK2DVHQtn4FaX1y5e_Xgz3esyRnFviSiHTdE-g
(3) UNITED BY SAYULITA http://www.sayulitalife.com/sayulero/
(4) PRO SAYULITA: https://www.prosayulita.org/?fbclid=IwAR0-1Qv2_TVk-oIyTWqDoOw1J2kN4IOCIUsDE8fEYpXnbl9JK3AiHupq0dM
(5) Megalomaniac ideas of tourism entrepreneurs: Conurbar PUERTO VALLARTA,   Cabo Corrientes, Tomatlán and La Huerta to the south with BAHÍA DE BANDERAS and Compostela   to the north: https://rivieranayaritone.blogspot.com/2019/09/ideas-megalomanas-de -empresarios.html
(6) Román Meyer Falcón: 21.10. 2019: Banderas Bay, in Nayarit, will benefit from 19   works of #MejoramientoUrbano. Today we visit the advances. Supervision in territory and essential to ensure transparency with which we are committed. #SedatuTransparentaTogether with the Governor of #Nayarit, today we visit Bucerías, in Banderas Bay, one of the colonies that have been historically forgotten. Various urban improvement projects are being developed. Rain or shine, we will transform Mexico from your cities #MiMexicoLate

Source: rivieranayaritone.blogspot.com

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