Only 94 migrants from Central America want to work in Mexico: INM

The National Institute of Migration registered, during the last two weeks, 6,138 attentions of foreigners who seek to regularize their immigration status in the country and who have remained in Tapachula, Chiapas for several weeks.

Through the three service and service modules, located in that city, 560 visitor cards, permanent and temporary residents have been delivered, made one thousand 18 orientations in the Information Module installed outside the Siglo XXI Migration Station, and others Four thousand 550 services for migrants in the Office of Migration Regulation South Zone.

The INAMI reported that for those who have a condition of regular stay in Mexico, coordination with the Ministry of Welfare to provide job opportunities for foreigners was established; To date, ONLY 94 migrants of different nationalities have shown interest in receiving information and obtaining work.

With these actions, the Mexican government, through the National Institute of Migration, ratifies its commitment to safeguarding and respecting the human rights of migrants regardless of their origin, nationality, gender, ethnicity, age, with special attention to groups vulnerable as minors, women, indigenous people, adolescents and the elderly, ”he said.


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