October and November, the largest arrival of cruises to Mazatlan

Tour operators will be the most benefited with the arrival of cruise ships

Mazatlan Sinaloa.-  October and November are recognized as the best months in terms of arrival of cruise ships. And it is precisely in the latter when the arrival of a new Carnival cruise is planned, as a flag on the Pacific route. 

It is a vessel with approximately 5,000 passengers, which will come to strengthen the economy in local commerce.

High season

Tourist entrepreneur Giancarlo Parolari indicated that the arrival of cruise ships has been very active in the port because in October the high season began.

This month they have received the largest ships that the companies have, as in the case of Norwegian cruises, one with 4,000 and the other with 5,000 passengers. 

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New Ship

In addition, the arrival of Panorama, the new Carnival cruise ship that is being manufactured in Italy, is expected.
This would be his first commercial trip with a flag on the Pacific Route in November.

It is believed that this cruise has the beginning of the city of San Diego, to travel the Cabo-Mazatlan-Vallarta route.
This new ship will transport 4 thousand passengers and 1,400 crew members.

This is a series of changes in the Carnival team. In the first place, the replacement of the Splendor, which will change course, by the Miracle, which will last until November, when the Panorama arrives.


Parolari emphasized that the arrival of this new cruise will generate an increase in the economy of the commerce sector, especially in the premises located in the areas of greatest tourist influx, as well as in the restaurants of the area.

In addition to the increase in services for tour operators and rental carriers.

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