Halloween joke ends with police mobilization in the Santa Fe neighborhood, in La Paz

A decoration and a complaint to the emergency number for the alleged finding of a body caused security elements to be mobilized in La Paz

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS ). On Saturday morning there was a strong police mobilization after the alleged finding of a lifeless person was reported inside a home in the Santa Fe neighborhood, in the city of La Paz; however, when the site arrived to corroborate the facts, it was found that it was a decoration for Halloween. 

The events originated around 10:30 am, after receiving a call informing about the presence of the body of a lifeless person moored, in a house located on San Martín and San Fernando streets. 

Therefore, security forces were deployed in the city of La Paz, who arrived in a matter of minutes to corroborate the complaint, meeting what looked like a person tied to a chair. 

However, after observing the scene, the officers realized that it was a doll wrapped in the upper part with plastic, which carried a sign with the legend: “I am a decorative doll. Do not panic”. 

Finally, when corroborating that it was a joke, apparently related to Halloween, it took note of what happened and each of the corporations proceeded to withdraw.

Meanwhile, when the image of this incident went viral on social media, the opinions of users on social networks were polarized among those who criticized the type of decoration, arguing that they are not times for this type of allusions since it is a “lack of respect for the families that lived something like that ”, and those who defended the freedom to decorate the houses to everyone’s taste.

There were also people who came out against the theme of Halloween decoration and commented on Mexican traditions and those that belong to foreign cultures, ensuring that priority should be given to the locals customs.

Source: bcsnoticias

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