Black Thursday ‘Culichis’ as citizens of Culiacan are known as thank protective angels during the chaos

Expressions of gratitude to strangers and people who without thinking gave protection and shelter on Black Thursday in Culiacán, “They gave a respite, a bit of tranquility for many, in the midst of chaos”

Culiacan Sinaloa.- While it is true on October 17, it will never be erased from the memory of those who experience the shootings recorded in Culiacán, and will remain as the “black Thursday” in which tension and fear took hold of everyone, it is also It is true that it will be remembered as the day on which, without thinking, many opened their arms, the doors of their homes and businesses to protect and give shelter and some peace of mind in the midst of the chaos to those who needed it.

Sinaloans show in being humble, being grateful have manifested it in multiple ways; from that day when the bullets sounded and thanked shopping centers, restaurants and strangers that kept them safe.

The next day expressing their gratitude to the people who helped them on the street, who, regardless of leaving their belongings, hugged them and headed to a safe place.

Strangers have become part of their life, a bond one gives when your life is saved.

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And today, thanks are transformed into pink flowers, for a group of young women who, putting their own fear aside, always had words of encouragement to reassure and assure that they would be well in the midst of that chaos.

In social networks an image has gone viral in which a family returned to businesses that gave them shelter that black Thursday; They did not arrive empty-handed, a bouquet of pink roses framed their arrival to thank Dania, Claudia, and Carely for being the angels who protected them.

“Definitely God puts us angels on the road and so they will remain forever in our hearts,” Thank you!, Said this family that was at risk in that violent episode in Culiacan.

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