The companies Bimbo, Pepsi, and Grupo Modelo reported that they stopped operating in municipalities in Puebla with the presence of organized crime, due to the high levels of insecurity and the inability of the authorities to contain it.

Bimbo, Pepsi and Modelo denounce the government's inability to stop crime in Puebla

The complaint was expressed by the representatives of these companies at the working table with the head of the State Secretariat of Public Security (SSP), Jesús Morales Rodríguez, who acknowledged that the agency in his charge has failed to protect his activities.

“I am worried about what the businessmen mention (because the situation continues) even though we have held meetings in C5 (Control, Command, Communications and Computing Center), even though we monitor them,” he said.

Pepsi closes a distribution center in Ciudad Serdán

The work table was convened by the Public Security Commission of the Puebla Congress, where  Pepsi’s representative, Andrés Jiménez, announced that the corporate closed its distribution center in Ciudad Serdán and analyzes doing the same with the one installed in Tecamachalco.

Both municipalities are part of the well-known “huachicol strip”, which runs through the central area of ​​the entity, from Veracruz to the State of Mexico, where criminal groups that work on fuel theft and train robbery operate.

Andrés Jiménez explained that the theft of vehicles and merchandise are common in the area, a situation that far from diminishing assured that it has been on the rise since last year.

Bimbo: “there are municipalities where there is no authority”

“There are municipalities where there is no authority,” added Gabriel Loranca, representative of  Bimbo, who clarified that insecurity is a widespread problem in the entity, not only in the huachicol strip.

He added that the distributors of the multinational company face “unbearable” levels of insecurity in municipalities in the Sierra Norte, such as Teziutlán, as well as in the southeast of the entity, of which Tehuacán mentioned.

Also present at the work table was the representative of Grupo Modelo, Jesica Badillo, who agreed with her counterparts to request the support of the SSP to control the levels of insecurity.

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