Alert! Sinaloa CFE subsidy is over, check your electric bill

The president of the Sinaloense Front of CFE users Guillermo Padilla Montiel alerted the population to take care of their electrical energy consumption and avoid turning on the air conditioners since they could be consuming energy with the cost at triple the amount and without subsidy.

The head of the civil association explained that it depends on the date on which it is billed in each of the sectors of the city, because at his home they could already be charging the kilowatt 3 times more expensive at the end of the summer rate for those who invoice receipt from 16 to 20 of each month.

“Check your receipts, everyone who has a reading from the 16th, 17th and 18th and 19th of each month and until the 20th the summer rate is finished, those must already use the air conditioners because they already consume all the kilowatt they consume it’s three pesos forty-something cents already. ”

Guillermo Padilla explained that in some areas the rate for those who entered the summer rate from 2 to 14 in May will end the subsidy from 2 to 14 November, as indicated by their electricity bill.

“Those of the first day, 2, 3 and until the 14th, those end their summer rate on that date, but from November, that is, 2, 5, 10 or until November 14, their summer rate ends, you will pay practically almost three times what the summer cfe bill usually comes at. ”

Padilla Montiel also recalled that this Sunday the new schedule returns to normal at the end of summer time, which he said no savings were shown, so they will insist as an association that the clock no longer moves once the clock changes again Schedule on Sunday, October 27.

Source: linea directa

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