Well known Travel Bloggers, Trevor and Kashlee from Travel Off Path are in Mazatlán for the winter to help promote the city to Canadians and Americans.  In an exclusive interview with The Mazatlan Post, Trevor and Kashlee said they have chosen Mazatlán because of the huge demand from their readers for a more affordable west coast city in Mexico that is still authentic.

Trevor Kucheran, co-founder of Travel Off Path explained, “With skyrocketing costs and mass tourism in Puerto Vallarta and Cabo, tourists are now looking for an authentic and safe west coast city in Mexico that won’t break the bank.”  

Mazatlán is destined to become the next west coast hot spot in Mexico

“Mazatlan is the perfect spot,” Trevor told The Mazatlan Post. “Its a great mix of affordable hotels and rentals in a city that still has authentic culture combined with beautiful beaches”

The couple will spend six months in Mazatlán reviewing restaurants, hotels, tours, infrastructure, and safety to help inform new visitors on what to expect when they arrive.

Trevor and Kashlee from Travel Off Path are excited and honored to promote the city of Mazatlán

In partnership with the official tourism board Go Mazatlán and The Mazatlan Post, Trevor and Kashlee will be exploring all corners of the city to help show potential visitors how far Mazatlán has come in recent years. 

“Mazatlan is a city that has it all.  Healthy food options, colonial style buildings, great shopping and authentic culture that reminds me why I fell in love with Mexico 15 years ago.” Kashlee Kucheran told the Mazatlán Post. 

“We have traveled the world, and to find a city that offers stunning beaches combined with great infrastructure and affordability is very rare,” explained Kashlee.  

“We are going to enjoy every moment of it and hope visitors will too.”

If your business is interested in partnering with Travel Off Path, The Mazatlan Post and the Go Mazatlán tourism board, contact Trevor and Kashlee below. 

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