This is the new ‘gold’ in Mexico and is worth $ 668 million

Hosting and information protection services on cloud servers have become one of the fastest-growing markets in the country.

The new gold in Mexico is the hosting and information protection services on servers in the cloud – which allow access to data, through an internet connection from any device anywhere – a business that has become one of the Markets with the highest growth in the country.

It is estimated that by the end of 2019 in Mexico, cloud storage services will reach a value of 1,668 million dollars, which will double the income they had in 2016, according to data from the IDC consultancy.

In this business, the main players are the Mexican KIO Networks and Telmex, in addition to IBM, Oracle and Microsoft, which together concentrate 30 percent of the market, according to the Select Continuous Information Services for Senior Management (SICAD) report.

Banks, insurers, businesses, manufacturers and the media, among other companies, hire data center experts who keep critical business information in the cloud, a market that shows sales growth of 25 percent per year.

Adrián Morales, cloud services strategy manager at Alestra, agreed that his client portfolio has begun to become relevant in insurance banking, as well as retailers that are paying attention to logistics issues.

“We have investigated the services (of information protection) in the cloud for quite some time, it is the segment with the highest growth in information technologies, above 20 percent,” said Ricardo Zermeño, CEO of Select, specialized consulting in Information Technology and Communications.

An example is the Mexican KIO Networks, which is responsible for operating data centers for the banking, pharmaceutical, movie theaters, insurance companies, among other businesses.

“We are integrators and multicloud hub, we solve what the other vertical operators cannot solve individually and as integrators, we gain from our own infrastructure and commercialize theirs,” said José Fonseca, commercial director of enterprise at KIO Networks.

Cloud storage allows you to securely organize information and data with the advantage of accessing them anywhere and from any device without charging a USB, portable hard drive or memory cards.

In the country, three out of 10 entrepreneurs already see having cloud and information technologies as a competitive improvement and that they will implement in the next three years, revealed the study of perspectives of senior management in Mexico 2019 of KPMG.

Although manufacturers were the main industry in implementing them and are currently the bulk of the demand to be able to follow step by step the production of products and their distribution, there are other sectors that today lead the growth.

“The most accelerated that mark the growth in the first place finance, second place media, and communications, and third retail; although the most demanding are manufacturing, it is growing less, ”said Zermeño de Select.

In the case of finance, the migration to the cloud has taken relevance, because what they do in these centers is to maintain the information in order not to interrupt and have continuous operations, in order to avoid mishaps as the recent attacks the SPEI has suffered and that freeze any operation.

Huawei arrives in Mexico  

Sources close to Huawei revealed to El Financiero that in November its cloud business division will start operating in Mexico, which in its global operations started in 2017.

“We are launching the complete and entire operation in Mexico called Huawei Cloud, and with the State of Puebla we are in talks so that many contents can be on the digital platform so that students not only study at school and can continue to have access to content elsewhere, ”Huawei staff said.

Chinese companies such as Huawei are based on their strategy to compete from prices, a quality that could put pressure on competition in Mexico and that will be paid mainly for SMEs, said the specialist Zermeño.

Currently, government service represents between 10 and 15 percent of the total cloud business in Mexico, a segment that does not show an encouraging outlook, due to budget cuts that reduced technology services by 22 percent, he added. expert.

Source: el financiero

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