Mexican Senate will create the ‘Cannabis Institute’ to regulate its use and trade in Mexico

The political forces represented in the Senate agreed to create the Cannabis Institute for the Pacification and Reconciliation of the People, which will be responsible for regulating the use of marijuana in our country.

Resultado de imagen para Crearán el ‘Instituto del Cannabis’ para regular su uso y comercio en México

The institute will be in charge of granting, modifying, renewing, suspending or revoking licenses, marketing, consuming, cultivating, distributing, packaging, labeling, exporting, smoking, importing, planting, carrying, having or possessing, preparing, producing, sowing, transforming, transport, supply and sell cannabis.

Resultado de imagen para Crearán el ‘Instituto del Cannabis’ para regular su uso y comercio en México

According to the opinion to create the Law for the Regulation of Cannabis, which will be analyzed in commissions this week, establishes that the legal regulation of the use of cannabis and its derivatives, is carried out under the approach of public health, human rights and development sustainable, in order to improve the living conditions of the people who live in our country.

Likewise, with the objective of combating the consequences of the problematic use of cannabis and reducing the criminal incidence linked to drug trafficking, promoting peace, security and individual and community well-being.

According to the president of the Senate Health Commission, Miguel Ángel Navarro, this law opinion establishes the powers of the new institute that will concentrate all kinds of faculties, from prevention to the links of the production chain and, even, of import and export, as well as the granting of permits through the federal rectory and the agreements that will be made with the states and through the states to all municipalities.

He also said that this Law for the Regulation of Cannabis was created from the 11 initiatives that had been presented previously, as well as the various forums that have been held in the Senate.

Source: notimex, nacion 321

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