Mazatlan’s third edition of the Trenzatapatón inaugurated for children with cancer

* For the benefit of children with cancer
* The goal is to collect 300 kilo of hair

COMPETE Group composed of more than 17 companies inaugurated the third edition of the Trenzatapatón 2019 in order to support children of the Sinaloa Pediatric Hospital.

Collecting pet caps for sale and investment in treatments and equipment for the Pediatric Hospital, as well as collecting hair for the creation of wigs for children who need it is the main objective.

Jorge Sánchez García, administrator of Grupo COMPETE and representative of Industrias Marino stressed the importance of going to donate for a good cause.

“The importance here is mainly to take care of the environment, we are making a profit and supporting those children with cancer, we want people to collect hair and bottle caps to recycle them,” he added.

Sol Cardona, responsible for communication of Pesca Azteca pointed out the importance of helping and participating in this type of event.

“The goal is to help children, give happiness and much joy. There are many people who are supporting this good cause, the girls come to donate their hair, their little train, Pesca Azteca helps being a center for the collection of tapas, ”he said.

Dozens of children and adults of both sexes joined the good cause for the benefit of children with cancer by donating both braids and hundreds of caps.

The goals for this year are the collection of 300 kilos of hair, 2 million caps and 500 braids and the proceeds will be used to donate equipment to the Sinaloa Pediatric Hospital and the braids will benefit approximately 80 girls.

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