In November there will be fresh Hungaro, Serrano and Jalapeño chiles from El Rosario Sinaloa

Agricultural producers in El Rosario will start harvesting work next month and estimate this to improve the economic outlook, said AARB leader José Alfredo Llamas

El Rosario, Sinaloa.- Varieties of Chile such as jalapeño, Hungarian and Serrano are about to be harvested by agricultural producers in the municipality of El Rosario, within 500 hectares, said José Alfredo Llamas García.

The president of the Association of Farmers of the Baluarte River, declared that the producers estimate that from next November they will begin with the harvest of the peaks and thereby improve the economic panorama of the agricultural sector of the municipality.

“Okay, there are already planted vegetables, there is movement of vegetables, the peppers are somewhat planted because the spicy ones are the serranos, jalapeño, Hungarian or güero and ancho.”

Llamas García said that the rainfall in recent weeks generated benefits for producers in the agricultural and livestock sectors, since the effects of the drought that hit since the first months of the year diminished, and even generated the abortion of mango fruits.

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