“Camarobampo 2019” the first shrimp festival in Topolobampo

People came to the port to taste the different dishes that were offered at the Camarobampo 2019

Attendees enjoy Camarobampo 2019. (Armando Talavera / EL DEBATE)

 In order to boost local tourism and publicize the cuisine of northern Sinaloa, the municipality of Ahome held yesterday the first shrimp festival called Camarobampo 2019, in the port of Topolobampo. 

The Secretary of Economic Development of Ahome, Omar Cabrera Durán, mentioned that there were 25 stands in which restaurant and businessmen from the municipality of Ahome participated. 

“This is the first major regional festival and hopefully it will soon become international. This festival is for the citizens of Topolobampo and for the shrimp producers, both the aquaculture and the riverside who are the ones who directly obtain the shrimp from the sea ”. 

Cabrera Durán added that in this festival there were more than 20 thousand snacks that were fully distributed to all the visitors who attended.


“This leaves a great economic benefit, in which five million pesos are expected. This festival is a watershed for tourism and gastronomy of Ahome, ”said the municipal official. 

Different musical groups participated in this festival, as well as cultural groups that brought the visitors who attended this festival into the mood. 

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Great acceptance

It was about 3:00 pm yesterday when attendees made long lines at the stands to try the dishes made from shrimp that transmitted the taste of the sea.

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“This festival is great. It is good that the municipality of Ahome noticed the fishermen of Topolobampo and made this great festival that will help the Topenses a lot, ”said Martina Soto, a resident of the port.  

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Coepriss backs the Shrimp Festival in Topolobampo

 The North Zone Regional Coordination of the State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks of Sinaloa (Coepriss) carried out reviews, health promotion and promotion of good hygiene practices for the celebration of the Shrimp Festival 2019 “ Camarobampo ”on the Malecon of the Port of Topolobampo.

Commissioner Jorge Alán Urbina Vidales said that during the verification and health promotion visits to this gastronomic festival, dissemination materials were distributed and the personnel of the various establishments were trained in the hygienic handling of food.

“They delivered mouth covers and covers hair to those participating establishments as part of the promotion and recommendations were made to ensure the safety of the more than 20 thousand foods tasted there for free,” he said.

Coepriss staff in the northern area took special care to observe the temperature of the food and remove the waste continuously to avoid the proliferation of harmful fauna, such as flies. “Previously we had already had contact with users, freezers, aquaculturists, marketers, and restaurants participating in the event,” he said.

Urbina Vidales affirmed that the thirty thousand visitors of this gastronomic festival will be able to enjoy the taste of the Sinaloan shrimp in their most varied culinary presentations with the full confidence that their preparation complies with the sanitary norm.

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“The Sinaloa shrimp is very popular throughout the world and in this festival, we have worked hard because in Coepriss we are allies of fishing, gastronomy, and tourism,” he said.

Finally, he stressed that Sinaloa has a great gastronomic richness thanks to the work of people such as aquaculturists and restaurant workers, and all those who with their work turn this entity as a land with enormous potential for investment and as a tourist attraction. “This festival serves to promote this crustacean, traditionally Sinaloense, in the most diverse presentations that are known in classic recipes and in the refined gourmet dishes for tasting fresh or hot dishes,” he concluded.

Source: pmxportal, el debate

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