Antisargazo boats have not been delivered in Quintana Roo

The Secretary of the Navy has not yet delivered any of the four sargasso boats to meet the contingency at sea. In June of this 2019, he announced that four boats would be built to collect the massive reed of the seaweed off the coast of Quintana Roo.

Resultado de imagen para cancun sargazo 2019

The Secretary of Environment of Quintana Roo, Alfredo Arellano Guillermo, has indicated that, so far, they only have one ship, in addition to the equipment provided by the agency that is not specialized in the work of containment of sargassum at sea.

The sargassum has temporarily stopped massively landing on the coast of the state, but the guard cannot be lowered, since it is a phenomenon of which its behavior is unknown, the official has declared, according to Quintana Roo Hoy.

The head of the Navy, José Rafael Ojeda Durán, announced that they had already authorized 52 million pesos for the construction of four sargasso boats that could be ready in the next two months, as reported by 

Resultado de imagen para cancun sargazo 2019

It is expected that catamaran-type vessels, intended for greater cargo capacity, will cost 15 million pesos each, and will have a crane to deposit the macroalgae directly in another vessel and even in a vehicle 

In this sense, Arellano has indicated that he does not know “the advance of the sargasso boats that are being built, in addition to the adaptation of a vessel that requires a lot of investment,” concludes the secretary.

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