“Best City in the World” San Miguel de Allende a view into real living conditions of its local population

Behind the shine

The “Best City in the World” offers aspects that do not appear in advertising campaigns, but that gives it that flavor that places it in the world top: the neighborhoods and its people, the one that moves, cleanses and feeds that colonial jewel. 
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There is a part of the municipality of San Miguel de Allende that few know, which does not appear in advertising campaigns: its neighborhoods, whose face denounces inequality, poverty, violence and scarce opportunities, something that begins to be denounced beyond the comments in networks social, via local artistic activity, such as that of rapper Romeo Zk , the subject of a previous POPLab article.

Resultado de imagen para San Miguel de Allende: tras el brillo turístico, barrios que viven y reclaman atención

Romeo Zk: hard life rap in the neighborhoods of San Miguel far from what government image tries to sell

The young interpreter denounces the lack of support and opportunities for the most vulnerable colonies of San Miguel de Allende

The town of San Miguel de Allende is injured. In its streets and neighborhoods they know it and from there, through music, Romeo Zk, a 24-year-old from San Luis Rey, a resident of the San Luis Rey neighborhood, transcribes violence, pain, and hopelessness in his theme “Tragic People” That you live there.

“All the time I have been doing things for my neighborhood … the people of the neighborhoods have always liked my music … I decided to bring this issue to them, from something that many people are expressing but keep quiet.”

To the rhythm of rap, Romeo denounces the lack of support and opportunities for the most vulnerable popular colonies in San Miguel, whose only inhabitants are looking for peace and social and labor tranquility, and underlines the lack of interest on the part of the authorities to remedy this situation.

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He understands what is going on in his city, considering himself as a neighborhood reporter, looking for people to notice that there are young people who are doing something to improve things, using the tools that life (or destiny) has given them .

The single “Tragic People” has become a phenomenon in networks with nearly 100,000 reproductions in their different formats and a line of comments of support and solidarity that increase every day. Through the network, the song has found a way to invite the people of San Miguel de Allende not to forget their humanity.

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In addition, he paints another face of that city that has been classified as “the best city to live” by international publications that serve its politicians to show off, but in which its inhabitants see things very differently, especially in the recent times.

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The authorities of one of the best and most beautiful cities for life and tourism seem not to include their popular colonies in such distinctions and much less, try to do something to improve the situation of its inhabitants

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Source: poplab.mx, poresto.net

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