A woman locked in a bar takes the opportunity to drink for free in Tijuana

The owners of the bar are searching for the young woman who was locked in the establishment to reward her with six months of free alcohol.

Through social networks, users shared the story of a young woman who was locked in a bar, and to avoid panic, continued drinking for free in Tijuana. 

According to users, the events occurred during the national holidays, when a woman was locked up in the Porkys Place Plaza Fiesta bar, located at Av. Paseo de los Héroes # 10001, Rio area, in Tijuana in Baja California. 

It remains locked up, taking advantage of the command 1

Through the Facebook page of the Porkys bar, they indicated that the young woman continued drinking for free because they checked the security cameras, where they watched the woman tour the establishment, check the refrigerators and drink beer in a glass cup. 

The images were shared on September 16, and quickly went viral. Nightclub staff explained that, after drinking, the woman was locked in because she was not detected by the staff. 

Some users recriminated the bar for displaying the client, however, they now seek to reward her with six months of free alcohol, announcer Alex Bojórquez revealed.

Source: news.culturacolectiva

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