Mazatlan planning directorate deny files to those affected by tower construction

Neighbors file a complaint and promote review appeals before the Transparency portal, against the Planning Directorate

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- For violating the Law of Transparency and Access to Public Information, members of the Union of Colonies and Fractions of Mazatlan filed a complaint against the Planning Directorate before the Attorney General Elsa Bojórquez and announced that they will promote an appeal for Review before CEAIP, for refusing to deliver 27 of 28 requested files on tower building permits.

Jorge Letamendi Patron, a member of the Union, said that of all the requests made, only one was submitted in a photocopy, of the others an endless number of pretexts were argued, such as those that do not find them, which are in the Archive and there is no one to go for them, or that the graduate is not.

Of these files, he added, the vast majority are permits that were delivered in this administration and those that are not, are in execution or in process.

“A specific case would be Iberian Tower, in Palos Prietos, that tower was expired in September or early this month, and it is a tower that does not make much progress, it is a house that was destroyed to do the construction and this administration however much it says it has not given permits, it is currently renewing, ”he said.

Letamendi Patron reported that the Union of Colonies and Fractions of Mazatlan is made up of neighbors of more than 10 subdivisions, which for several months has been denouncing irregular acts around the urban development of Mazatlan.

“The ones we ask for as file are 28, but irregularly detected works are around 40, we are all affected by those works, but Sábalo Country is one of the most affected subdivisions,” he said.

Among the irregularities that they are denouncing, they highlight the change of land use from family residence to multi-family and commercial use, which generates noise problems, lack of parking availability, collapsed roads, deficiencies in water services and garbage collection.

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