Baja California Sur will impose a new tourist tax to solve AMLO federal cuts

The tourist charge could be paid through an application or in the kiosks that will be installed in different parts of Baja California Sur.

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La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). The head of the Ministry of Finance, Isidro Jordán Moyrón mentioned that with the tourist tax they intend to collect 490 million pesos, an amount that in his opinion will help Baja California Sur to solve AMLO budget cuts that the Federation will make in 2020.

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“With that income, we will have and we are budgeting for 490 million pesos by the year 2020, however, the gains can be larger by the number of foreign visitors.

“With these budget cuts, the income that we will have with this tax collection will surely help us to balance our budget.

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In this regard, he said that the federal budget is destined mainly to areas such as health, sport, culture, among others, but that with the profits of the tourist tax, he will balance the resource that will be assigned to each area; This collection will be managed to solve the problems of citizenship.

“It has 9 different destinations (the federal budget) I would tell you that 9 most important items that are in the economic life of Baja California Sur , safety, health, education, sport, culture and agricultural issues, which have to do with the rural development; and to all the activities, they will have a place so that this income that we will have can be very well distributed and that it will generally have a benefit in the needs that are had in the state ”, emphasized the Secretary of Finance.

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Finally, Isidro Jordán commented that the tourist tax could be collected through a link on the page of the State Government, or in kiosks that will be installed in different parts of the geography of Baja California Sur, which is intended to be collected at End the stay of vacationers.

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“We are implementing a series of possibilities that can be charged through an application through the page of the State Government with a link , or through our kiosks that will have to be installed at different points, mainly in Los Cabos and at airports “He concluded.

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