Kidnapper of a French-American in San Miguel de Allende sentenced

Confirmed: 60 years in jail for ‘Commander Emilio’

The Tenth Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of the State confirmed on Monday the sentence against former Chilean guerrilla Raúl Julio Escobar Poblete for a crime of aggravated kidnapping in San Miguel de Allende

The Prosecutor General of Guanajuato confirmed on Monday the sentence of 60 years in jail for the ‘ Commander Emilio ‘. This was decided by the Tenth Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of the State. Former Chilean guerrilla Raúl Julio Escobar Poblete, accused of a crime of aggravated kidnapping in San Miguel de Allende.

The authorities informed that the Unit Specialized in Fight against Kidnapping gathered evidence against him and captured him in May 2017 and in June of this year he obtained the prison sentence but was appealed. This Monday the sentence of 60 years in prison was confirmed.

On March 13, 2017, the ‘ Commander Emilio ‘ kidnapped a victim of French-American nationality in the city of San Miguel de Allende. He kept his victims captive for several days in terrible conditions and demanded a large amount of money from his relatives in exchange for her release.

The Specialized Unit in Fight against Kidnapping (UECS) of the Office of the Attorney General worked to clarify the crime with call arcing, field investigation work, testimony and expert evidence that could be analyzed and integrated into the investigation file.

Continuing with the investigations, at the end of May of that year, information was obtained from a man who was trying to send a proof of life to relatives of the victim, to press with the payment of the ransom, which did not materialize, since during the act was captured who supervised the delivery of said evidence, also achieving the release of the victim.

The detainee, who at the time of his capture had a false identity, turned out to be Raúl Julio Escobar Poblete, aka the ‘ Comandante Emilio ‘, a former Chilean guerrilla who was required in that country for the murder of a politician in the decade of the 90, so he had a red token issued by Interpol to be searched in several countries.

Now he will spend 60 years in prison in Guanajuato.

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