Pesca Azteca and Earth Balance inaugurate Mexican Baseball League joining forces for a cleaner Mazatlan

  • Pesca Azteca donates 20 garbage containers, which were placed in the baseball stadium for the start of the Mexican Pacific League.
  • The initiative was carried out in conjunction with Earth Balance.

In order to boost the culture of responsible waste management, Pesca Azteca delivered 20 garbage containers to Earth Balance, which were placed in the Mazatlan baseball stadium for the inauguration of the Mexican Pacific League.

Earth Balance is made up of a group of people interested in caring for and preserving the planet. In front are María Inés and Diego Cañedo, two young people who seek to maintain a good image of our Mazatlan promoting different prevention and cleaning activities.

The purpose of these containers is to be able to raise awareness in people about the importance of garbage separation and recycling since by practicing recycling we can avoid the creation of new waste and its accumulation. It is one of the biggest challenges that modern society must face to fight against degradation and destruction of the environment.

In addition to this initiative, Pesca Azteca has donated more than 50 garbage containers that have been placed in strategic points of the city such as the Aquarium, the Malecon and now the baseball stadium.

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On the other hand, Pesca Azteca manages the management of garbage according to the international MARPOL regulation, which indicates that they separate and bring garbage to port and it is delivered to approved companies for final disposal.

Pesca Azteca, operates with the commitment to care and protect the environment as an integral part of the development and sustainability of the business, fostering a culture of awareness in its stakeholders and seeking continuous improvement.

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