Jocotepec Lake Chapala Mayor Suspended

The local Deputies endorsed the process to apply a suspension of the charge for 15 days, without pay, to the municipal president of Jocotepec, José Miguel Gómez López, for the breach in the payment of a labor award.

Due to lack of payment of an award, the legislators endorsed the beginning of the process of suspension of office for a period of 15 days without pay to the municipal president of Jocotepec.

The request was made by the State Arbitration and Escalafon Court according to official letter MA1 / 1650/2019 on September 3 of this year for having been recurrent in not complying with the resolution issued in labor trial 1189/2007.

With this resolution, the Jocotepec office has a period of 15 days from the notification and 15 days for the hearing and after that the deputies have 5 days to issue a final legislative agreement and pass it to the approval of the plenary that occupies the two third parties for suspension.

Source: lavozdelaribera

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