AMLO announces 4 thousand schools will be rehabilitated in Sinaloa

Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel accompanied the president of Mexico to El Fuerte, on his second day of a tour of Sinaloa

El Fuerte.- In response to the request made by Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that a program will be implemented to rehabilitate four thousand primary schools that are in poor condition, but they are also will assign an annual budget directly to the committees of parents, so that they are the ones who decide the fate of these resources.

This commitment was made by the President of the Republic, when visiting the Rural Hospital of the IMSS Bienestar in El Fuerte, as part of his visit to all these institutions, since Friday he visited the IMSS of Villa Unión in Mazatlan, and now in El Strong, as part of his two-day work tour of Sinaloa.

López Obrador explained that the four thousand schools will have an annual budget, and for the smaller ones, which have from 5 to 50 students, located in small rural communities, they will receive 150 thousand pesos every year; For schools from 50 to 150 students, they will have a budget of 200 thousand pesos and schools with more than 150 students will receive 500 thousand pesos annually.

The modality will be of direct delivery, that is, from the Federation Treasury to the Committee of Parents that is constituted in each school, and the proposal of the president is that said committee is headed by a woman because he said that they are more honest.

In turn, Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel thanked the president for this program to improve schools. “We are very happy to join the president with this new educational infrastructure program to improve the schools that require it, especially here in indigenous communities, preferably. In the State Government we are ready to join that great program and enter with everything to move forward fast because as a team it is how we can move faster, ”he said.

On the other hand, he stressed that President López Obrador comes to touch a very sensitive issue, perhaps the most sensitive of public policy such as health, and stressed that no president had come here to these hospitals to visit them, to visit them , to feel and be with people, with women, with nurses.

“The president’s visit always leaves us with very positive things, we are very happy to have him here again in Sinaloa, along the way there are always opportunities for expression where very sensitive and sensitive approaches are made, thanks for attending to the whole community, to the agricultural producers in Sinaloa because the people here in Sinaloa that you know are playing with the country to support food self-sufficiency and with the scheme you have we are sure that it will give solidity in the short and medium-term to the whole country. Thank you, Mr. President, for all your support, ”he said.

The state president informed the president of Mexico that here in El Fuerte his government has made an unprecedented investment in sewerage because there is a great need for drainage, of water plants in all indigenous and non-indigenous communities, where 80 million dollars have been invested. weights in all that is the hydraulic work in what goes of its administration, of 2 years and 10 months.

“Also something very important with all this great current of tourism that is coming here to El Fuerte, to present a before and after because it is bringing more employment, more economic spills. That is why we must not stop investing with your president support so that El Fuerte has that strength in support of indigenous communities, but also that every time you visit us, above El Fuerte, ”he concluded.

During his speech, President López Obrador also commented that he will support the Sinaloa camp as never before, which he already spoke with Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, to strengthen it as the most important entity in food production, turned into the national barn.

He explained that his public policy towards the field will consist of supporting small producers first, with guaranteed prices for their products, and cited that a ton of corn will be paid at 5,610 pesos to producers of less than 20 hectares; and beans at 14,500 pesos a ton to producers of up to 30 hectares, in addition to the liter of milk will be paid to small farmers at 8.20 pesos.

Upon welcoming, the director of the Rural Hospital of IMSS, Dr. Louis Alver Rey Espinoza, asked President López Obrador for his support to expand the shelter, replace the ambulance and increase the number of personnel.

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