American wandering in Hunucmá may have entered Mexico illegally

Yesterday a citizen of Hunucmá reported in social media, that a person from another country was wandering the streets of this community, and announce the case through social media looking for relatives of this woman, and people of this city began to provide information to learn where this 28-year-old American citizen named Kailey Brooke Rico from Oklahoma, United States, had come from.

Apparently disappeared from her home for a month, so they did not know anything about her.

Today in the morning due to this information that was circulating the foreigner was required by the municipal authority and through an interpreter was taken to the municipal command, there his data was taken and he was informed that she would be taken to migration to know what was her status in this country, it is striking that the passport that this 28-year-old woman had had no signature or stamp of entry to the country, so it is presumed that she could have entered Mexico illegally, and came to give to Yucatan.

Being first in Sisal for several weeks until a family from this town belonging to a church took her home to keep her safe, and that is how she arrived in Hunucmá, so as of a week ago she has been in the municipality, working in a hot dog stand, but suddenly she escaped and walked several streets, according to one of her relatives Kailey Brooke Rico suffers from schizophrenia and was in medical treatment so they asked very carefully to find a way to She can return to her country what is already a fact.

According to local authorities, today you must be carrying out the process to be returned to her country or the necessary procedures to be carried out by the National Migration Institute.


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