Mazatlan price of shrimp drops to 40 pesos per kilo

For the last 15 days, the prices with “Las Changueras” varied according to size and range from 220 to 100 pesos per kilo

Mazatlan, Sin. – With the start of the season of shrimp catches in estuaries, bays, high seas and aquaculture crops, the price of the product in its different sizes has dropped to 40 pesos per kilogram.

Sugey, a seller of seafood from Aquiles Serdán Avenue, better known as “Las Changueras, said sales are low, however, on weekends they rebound with the arrival of tourists from the region.

He said that the price of shrimp varies depending on the sizes if it is decapitated or peeled and goes from 220, 180, 150, 140, 130 and 100 pesos per kilo and has had a price drop as low as 20 to 40 pesos per kilo.

Right now the shrimp is cheap because the season starts and there is a lot of product, this month is low as of November the price starts to rise and sales are more or less, they raise the weekend. 


Expressed the weekend tourists arrive mainly from Durango, Torreón, Chihuahua, Monterrey to enjoy the destination, who regularly buy products to take to their places of origin.

Source: el sol de maztlan

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