Forum held for the Regularization of Cannabis in Sinaloa

The speakers indicated that the topic should be analyzed from the medical and non-judicial point of view

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- This Friday was the forum “Towards the Regularization of Cannabis in Sinaloa”, where the exponents Alberto Kousuke and Antonio Macias, agreed that it must be approved from the medical and non-judicial level.

The doctors, who spoke on the subject, stressed that the laws have to be changed so that the legal frameworks are established, but for humanity, it must be legalized.

“Cannabis has a social stigma and lack regulation. It can be an engine that encourages the economy in Sinaloa, anyway it is already doing it, but now it would be legal, ”said Kousuke.

It is a public health problem, it is not a police problem, as long as it is tackled from the point of view of public safety, this is not going to walk, many laws have to be modified and they do not enter into contradiction,” said Macias.

For her part, Deputy Yeraldine Bonilla Valverde, who summoned the forum said that the goal is to make known what cannabis is, that society and opinions meet to later create initiatives.

He said there are legislators who are for and against, but surely cannabis is going to be legalized, but first the Sinaloans have to know the issue and have their own opinion.

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