What is Mexico’s Favorite Taco and it 60 variations (see this “tacography”)

“Tacography” is the infographic that solves the maximum question: what is the taco most loved by Mexicans?

Mexican street food is an essential component of our cultural identity. Its importance is such that delicacies such as taco and tamales have already become symbols that represent us internationally. 

But not only that, for many, the street, its premises, the urban chefs and their stoves, are an extension of the house itself; where, in addition to a good meal, you can get a necessary dose of “familiarity.” 


We Mexicans are undoubtedly in love with our “snacks” , with that delicious cuisine that seems spontaneous, but which, in fact, is the product of centuries of experimentation; plus the effort of hundreds of farmers, and the expertise of those who cook. Let’s think that making an omelet is not anything and a good barbecue or a beer is not easy either.

And in the immense labyrinth of flavors that are Mexican “garnachas”, the taco is the undisputed king. But among all the types of tacos there are, which one will be the favorite? What is the most beloved taco of all? Finally, we have the answer, ingeniously illustrated in the “tacography” a delicious infographic that has solved the maximum question. It’s about the taco al pastor; This is the one that most Mexicans want.


The news is interesting because if there is a sign of migration, cultural exchange and openness, that should be the taco al pastor. Born thanks to the Lebanese migrants in Puebla who adapted their traditional shawarma of lamb to the taste of Mexicans (now made with pork and richly seasoned), this taco is one that you can find throughout the country. Maybe this is the definitive test and if you think you are not an “open” person, now you know that your taste buds are.


And behind the “tacography” there is a survey that reveals other very curious facts about the love of Mexicans for street food. Here we present them:

  • The snacks that Mexicans prefer: Tacos (28%), quesadillas (14%), soups (13%) and chubby (11%).
  • 90.5% of Mexicans surveyed believe that taco is a symbol of national culture. Strongly agree.
  • The favorite tacos are: Pastor (21%), steak (13%) roast meat (11%) soft (8%).
  • The least tested taco is longaniza (among a selection of 10 popular tacos).
  • The least liked taco is the eye.
  • 43% of Mexicans surveyed prefer to eat taquitos at home and 42% at a store.
  • Only 3.1% would eat them at any time. 47.6% prefer them for dinner.
  • 49% prefer green sauce! And 33% red … 
  • And even if they say no: 60% prefer the taco to the shepherd with pineapple! 

60 types of tacos you can find in Mexico

tacography types of tacos in mexico

The tortilla is the perfect companion, the diversity of tacos grows every day and we tell you how many types of tacos exist in Mexico

Resultado de imagen para variaciones de tacos

About the age and origin of the taco, we hardly have any clues. Its consumption in Mexico is, and has been, so deeply every day, that its original traces are lost or confused in a sea of ​​sauces and smiles. There is history such as the fact that Moctezuma used the tortilla as a kind of spoon, or that the women wrapped in tortillas the food they sent to men who worked long hours away from home. Also,  that the banquets organized by Hernán Cortés in Coyoacán included pork with tortillas.

Resultado de imagen para tortillas mexicanas

The tortilla is intuitively ready to “wrap” food, and it has been that way for hundreds of years. On the tacos, it could be said that virtually any food could become one, but between this potential omni-symbiosis of tortillas and other foods, there are some combinations that were outlined as the favorite or most common and, therefore, reached their unbeatable condition of Be called tacos. the custom of asking them as such.

Resultado de imagen para variaciones de tacos

Here are 60 of the most common tacos in Mexico. Although it is an arbitrary measure, initially we divide them by the type of tortilla preparation, and then we present their variety depending on what they contain. It is worth clarifying that although the vast majority of tacos are made with corn tortillas, flour is also used in the north of the country. Finally, and before proceeding to this succulent listing, it is not enough to note that the epic exercise of enumerating the species of tacos enjoyed in Mexico is doomed to inadequacy: after all, there is a good chance that while you read this list a new type of taco is being born … luckily for all of us.

By tortilla

Basket tacos or sweats: they were born in 150 in San Vicente XiloxochitaTlaxcala before a job crisis, as an economical and delicious way of eatingThey are also called sweaty tacos, and although their content is usually pork rinds, potatoes, beans, or others, their peculiarity is that they are steamed and therefore the tortilla is very soft.

Golden tacos: the tortilla is pre-fried, they can be almost any content, they can be rolled or simply folded.

Battleship tacos:  your tortilla on the top carries a bed of rice and some stew on it. It is served in double tortillas and they are from Cuautla, Morelos.

Miniature tacos: very small golden tacos, with chicken, potatoes or shredded beef, salsa, cheese, and cream.

Soft tacos: soft tortilla, usually most tacos are soft.

By content

Taco mi Matamoros darling: fried tortilla, steak or fajitas, and fresh cheese, coriander, avocado, fried raw onion, with Mexican sauce.

Tacos governor: shrimp and cheese.

Drowned tacos: golden tacos in tomato sauce or caldillo, with onion cabbage and beans. From Guadalajara.

Carnitas tacos: from different parts of pork, usually cooked with butter and spices.

Tacos al pastor:  the preparation of pork or veal (usually) is made in a braised Lebanese tradition. They were born in the 60s after an important migration of Lebanese to Mexico City.

Pleasures or botaneros tacos: their name comes from the fact that they are sold in squares, tianguis, markets, etc., They can be of many types, but in general, the term refers to them being “ordinary” street, but very very tasty

Barbecue tacos: they are tacos of various meats prepared on the barbecue, and the latter refers to the method of cooking in lemon juice or steamed. The meat can be sheep, goat, rabbit, chicken, fish, deer and iguana.

Soft tacos: beef, which is between the ribs, chest, thighs, and skin.

Heads tacos: these are parts of the head of the cow. They are tacos of a mixture of eye, lip, cheek, tongue, and brains.

Chanfaina tacos: from a thick stew of Spanish origin, chopped parts of different meats or of the same animal are added to it.

Gut Tacos: made with beef guts, usually.

Assorted tacos: the term refers to the mixture of different parts of the pork, although it can also be applied to meats of different types in the same taco.

Cecina tacos: cecina in the north is called salted beef dried in the sun, and in the center of the country, a strip of thinly cooked beef; from both they make delicious “tacos de cecina”.

Salt tacos: the tortilla with a little salt, the most common and “democratic” taco.

Avocado tacos: avocado with a little salt, probably one of the oldest.

Mixiote tacos: with one or more mixiote leaves (cooked) and different types of meat.

Chilorio tacos: native to Sinaloa, they are tacos of shredded pork, seasoned with pasilla pepper, garlic, cumin, oregano, and salt and cooked in butter. Sometimes beef or turkey is also used.

Tacos de chilayo: of shredded pork, nopales, and vegetables cooked in a sauce with tomatoes and tomatoes. They are from Colima.

Resultado de imagen para Tacos de chiclayo

Tacos de charales: made with a kind of fish, very tiny, that lives in the lakes of Mexico. It is usually dried and marinated before with salt and lemon. They also eat breaded.

Coachala or guachala tacos: chicken and pork in pasilla chile.

Tacos de chicharrones de vieja: fried goat meat in lard. From Durango.

Durangueño caldillo tacos: of beef in garlic, onion, tomato and wide chili or mulatto marinade. From Durango.

Cottage cheese tacos: made with the derivative of the production of soft cheese.

Pepena tacos: made with guts and beef heart in tomato sauce.

Aporreadillo tacos: beef jerky chopped and fried with onion, green chili, tomato, and scrambled eggs. From Michoacán.

Shrimp tacos: breaded and fried shrimp accompanied by cabbage, mayonnaise, and red sauce. From Baja California and Baja California Sur.

Smoked marlin tacos: of this type of smoked prepared fish.

Tacos of zarandeado fish:  from Nayarit.

Lobster or Mataraya macha tacos: the meat is cooked in Mexican style, with tomato, onion and green chili.

Tacos of borego: roasted meat to the coal, in tortillas of flour and sauce of chile piquín or of the mount. Of Coahuila.

Tacos Laguneros: it is one of the few tacos of tradition that could qualify as vegetarians. They carry rajas of roasted poblano pepper, tomato, Manchego cheese, onion; They are peculiar because the tortilla goes a little fried and they are heated wrapped in baked aluminum foil. (Some people also prepare them with meats of different types). Of Coahuila.

Resultado de imagen para Tacos Laguneros:

Marrow tacos: they are made with the bone marrow of different animals.

Tacos de arrachera: beef that comes from the diaphragm of the cow, its type of cut is also called that.

Chicharrón tacos: they are practically tacos made with pork skin.

Potosino tacos: cheese and golden-red tortillas with marinade.

Pork tacos: yucca tacos in tomato sauce, or with scrambled eggs.

Tacos venenosos: bean, potato, chorizo ​​and cheese mixture fried in lard. From San Luis Potosí.

Mining tacos: with pasta, potatoes, bacon, and pork.

Roasted nopal tacos: with roasted nopal, chopped coriander and tomato are usually added.

Escamoles tacos: of delicious ant eggs.

Tacos de chapulines: dried chapulines. They are consumed in different states, especially in the center of the country, such as Oaxaca. Accompanied with guacamole, lemon or sauce.

Resultado de imagen para Tacos de chapulines

Chinicuitles tacos: made with the delicious maguey worms.

Tacos de jumiles: with mountain bugs.

Cream tacos: cream, cream, and slices of poblano pepper, bathed with tomato caldillo, baked. From Guanajuato.

Golden tacos of pejelagarto: golden tacos of Mexican pejelagarto, with tomato, onion and green chili. From Tabasco.

Resultado de imagen para tacos de pejelagarto

Salted beef tacos with chaya: mincemeat, beef jerky, bananas, and chaya leaves.

Tacis de cochibita pibil: this delicious shredded meat, a typical dish of Yucatan, is prepared with marinated pork and achiote.

Papadzules: hard-boiled egg tacos in pumpkin seed sauce, with red habanero pepper sauce.

Tacos de chochito: of piglets attached to the oven.

Tacos de pito: colored flowers stewed in weathered tortillas served in tacos with tomato caldillo. Of Chiapas.

Resultado de imagen para taco de platano

Fried banana tacos with chimole sauce: with fried banana strips in fried tortilla bathed with chimole (thick black sauce made with burnt chili peppers).

Resultado de imagen para taco de platano

Chicatana ant tacos: with guacamole and roasted ants on the griddle. Of Chiapas .

Fish tacos Tikin xic: fish marinade of wide chili and achiote. From Quintana Roo.

Tacos de Tzic de venison: de venpicón de venison (or beef) cooked in banana leaf, with radish, onion, garlic, jalapeno pepper, sour orange, and oil. From Yucatan.

Tacos de coetlas: made with worms reared in the Chia tree. They are eaten with chili sauce. From Puebla.

Saludos and enjoy your TACO

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