“Sembrando Vida” peasants replace poppy and marijuana with timber and vegetables

The government program Sembrando Vida entered into operation in the Golden Triangle area, which includes the mountainous municipalities of Chihuahua, Durango and Sinaloa, where (according to the federal government), peasants have replaced the planting of poppy and marijuana with timber trees, corn and vegetables.

María Luisa Albores, Secretary of Welfare, explained that two weeks ago she was in the Topia Valley, Durango, where she found that 90% of those who used to plant cannabis and amapola, have joined the Sembrando Vida federal program.

The Golden Triangle

According to the secretary, this federal program aims to reactivate the field with the planting of trees that can be exploited in the future, and she says that 9,984 people have registered in the state of Durango.

The peasants are paid five thousand pesos a month to work and tend the crops.

The official reiterated that the sowers hired for this program total 229,000 in the eight different, which according to her, represents an advance of 99.6% of the target set for 2019, which is 230 thousand farmers.

This year, the budget for the Sembrando Vida federal program was 15 billion pesos and in 20202. it will be expanded to 25.1 billion pesos, according to statements by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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