Mazatlan Aquarium invites biologists and students to XXXVI AZCARM

Mazatlan Aquarium makes the cordial invitation to biologists, teachers or professors interested in the care and research and reproduction of the flora and fauna of our city, state and country to attend the thirty-sixth AZCARM Congress “SOS WITHOUT BIODIVERSITY THERE IS NO FUTURE.

This congress will be held in Mazatlan on October 22-25. During those days the specialists, researchers and protectors of biodiversity on our planet will witness workshops, exhibitions, cultural events and guided tours of the main ecotourism places of the city, as well as scheduled visits to the Mazatlan Aquarium, the most influential site of protection and care of birds and marine species in Mexico.

The XXXVI Congress of Azcarm is also an opportunity for the general public to know the jobs, actions, movements and social struggles to protect endangered species such as the Manatee, the Sea Turtle, the Seahorses, among many others. terrestrial species

Pablo Gerardo Rojas Zepeda, director of Mazatlan Aquarium, said that during the presentations and workshops at the Congress, university students and biologists will be able to have contact with members of the American Association of Zoological Caregivers, and learn more about their training programs for those caregivers and people interested in increasing their knowledge in the animal care profession.

This is how the Mazatlan Aquarium invites the student communities of Sinaloa and other states of the country to register for the activities of the XXVI AZCARM Congress “SOS WITHOUT BIODIVERSITY THERE IS NO FUTURE.

For more information, you can go to the website or call 669 981 7815 , or go to the administrative offices of Acuario Mazatlán during office hours.

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