Fines will be issued in Queretaro for throwing cigarette butts

Deputy proposes a penalty for repeat offenders for throwing cigarette filters in the streets

The initiative proposed by PAN provides for 10 to 160 hours of community work for the preservation of the environment and a fine of 35 to 350 AMU against those who for the second and subsequent occasions abandon or throw cigarette butts on public roads.

Tania Palacios Kuri justified that a cigar filter functions as a sponge that retains different harmful materials for health, which then reach the sewers and mix with water, so the toxicity of this material threatens the health of human beings and animal biodiversity.

The detailed deputy intends to incorporate into the law as an administrative fault in environmental matters to anyone who throws or leaves cigarette butts in ravines, common areas, parks, and other public spaces.

“The initiative that modifies three articles of the Waste Law has the purpose of typifying the dumping and abandonment of cigarette butts as punishable conduct, establishing important sanctions for those who fail to recidivist, empowering and strengthening municipalities to be receiving bodies of complaints and complaints ”.

Also, the legislator stressed that the initiative also covers other aspects beyond the fact of keeping public spaces clean, which implies the prevention of damage to species. In addition to the strategy must be accompanied by preventive measures, such as installing containers for the correct deposit of the butts.

Finally, he called on the public and private sector to raise awareness, through the media, as well as social networks, to promote a responsible citizen culture.

Source: diariodequeretaro

The Mazatlan Post