Durango full of festivities in October

  • Cultural, sporting, adventure events, as well as congresses and conventions.
  • Highlights include the Revueltas Festival, the Pan American Race, the Helodia OktoberFest, the Durango-Mazatlan 4X4 jeep route and the Sinverguenzada Moto Club.
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In October Durango dresses up with the International Revueltas Festival, the Pan American Race, the Helodia Oktober Fest, the Durango-Mazatlan Route of Jeep 4X4, the Sinverguenzada Moto Club, to mention just a few events are what our entity has for duranguenses and tourists during this month.

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La Carrera Panamericana

The secretary of tourism Eleazar Gamboa de la Parra, mentioned that as indicated by the Governor of the state, José Rosas Aispuro Torres, work on the attraction of more tourists, with events that are attractive and allow significant economic spillover that benefits the various sectors of society

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Helodia Oktoberfest

The official said that congresses and conventions, adventure tourism events, film productions and the constant promotion of Durango as a destination, have come to strengthen the tourism sector of the entity maintaining a positive occupation, contracting of various services and acquisition of various products.

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Gamboa de la Parra said that the hard work of the different areas of the Ministry of Tourism is in charge, in order to increase the influx of tourism and thereby pay the economy of our entity, “Durango grows in the Taste of Mexicans and foreigners, for its cuisine, beauty, culture, and tradition ”. 

Ruta Durango-Mazatlán de Jeep 4X4

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