Avocado and lemon falls in price, but tomato increases in Sinaloa

The avocado went from costing 100 pesos a kilo to around 50 pesos, the lemon went from 50 to 20 pesos and the tomato already reached 20 pesos a kilo

Culiacán, Sin.- The cost of avocado and lemon was reduced by more than 40 percent, however, the price of tomato goes up and its cost already reaches 20 pesos per kilo, as traders of the Garmendia market.

Norberto Lule, a Garmendia tenant, said that avocado cost 100 pesos per kilo and now its price is around 50 to 60 pesos; while the lemon reached 50 pesos per kilo and has decreased to 20 pesos.

“The ones that have dropped nothing more are avocado and lemons; the lemons were at 50 pesos and the avocados at a hundred pesos, and right now the tomato is already up, it’s 20 pesos a kilo now, ”he said.

Finally, Norberto Lule mentioned that in general, the rest of the fruits and vegetables have shown a constancy in their sale price in recent weeks.

Source: linea Directa

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