What do you think… A majority of Mazatlecos prefer UBER

The majority of men and women, prefer public transport platforms such as UBER and Didi, among others, in relation to taxis and the arguments are varied, from price to comfort and safety, however, others choose to taxis for the same reasons.

In an opinion poll among the Mazatlecos, we asked a woman and said that in addition to comfort, there is “more seriousness in the UBER; They have our data, ”he added.

Another woman indicated that she prefers the taxi; it’s safer; “I prefer green taxis than any other.”

One person, male, noted that UBER charges cheaper than taxis. The few point out that he doesn’t care about a taxi than an UBER, while they give him the service.

But let’s look at the survey and tell us what you think?

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The Mazatlan Post

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