The problem of dengue in Jalisco is alarming. So far this year, 5 thousand 47 cases have been confirmed and 34 thousand 414 remain to be confirmed. In addition, 13 people have died in the entity, 11 of them died last week.

Nationally, Jalisco is second place with more deaths, with more confirmed cases and is the first place in cases to be confirmed by the dengue virus.

Unfortunately, the problem is even greater. As Jalisco is the state that records more cases of virus serotype 2. In this year alone there are 2,942 cases and to size, the problem, the second entity with more records of this type is Quintana Roo, with just under 500 cases. That is, there is a difference of approximately 2,400 cases, between the first and second place. The alarming thing about this serotype is that it generates more serious and aggressive cadres, as experts in the field have pointed out.

Dengue mosquito

In addition to the above, various media have indicated that the local health system is exceeded.   And there are not enough beds in hospitals to serve the population.

Faced with this problem, Enrique Alfaro said that “this is nothing more than a consequence of climate change.” However, this is an irresponsible generalization and a half-truth. That is, climate change is a factor that affects each ecosystem differently and does lead to favorable conditions for dengue, but what is the true weight of this variable in the state? Why in Jalisco is the increase in cases exponential and why are there states where dengue cases have decreased compared to 2018?

These questions remain unattended, leading to the hypothesis of climate change being one more among many others that can also explain the phenomenon. For example, the National Center for Preventive Programs and Disease Control, of the Ministry of Health, points out that the dengue virus is also due to the lack of basic services, the lack of garbage and household waste collection. That is, it is also the responsibility of the government.

It is not possible that given a problem that is causing lives, the steamroller of the Citizen Movement in the Jalisco Congress has prevented the issuance of an epidemiological alert. Once again the bench of Enrique Alfaro puts his group interests first and puts aside the interests of Jalisco.

Even the governor pointed out that, “as always, there are those who try to spread fear and take out political punches. They have always wanted to generate the perception that the government has had responsibility in this matter. ” However, these statements only generate that the crisis in which Enrique Alfaro is involved, since he began his government, grows like a snowball because the population wants to see results, not listen to excuses.

Finally, the trend shows that deaths due to dengue virus will continue to increase and if the state government does not take responsible and accurate measures, an environment of ungovernability will grow because in addition to the issue of public health, the increase in homicides in the state continues in the clouds.


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